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Jim K.

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Hi, I am looking at purchasing a 1978 class C 22ft Chevy Delta motorhome, it also has a built in Generac 3800 watt generator, how does this specific generator compare to others. If any one knows anything about this model please let me know... good or bad.
Also I do not know a lot about class C motorhomes, if anyone can point out what to look for it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Jim

C Nash

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Jim, I am not familiar with the Delta M/H but, I have heard a lot of complaints on overload on the class c chassis. I would really polk around for soft spots in the wall, floors, under cabinets, around windows and in all coners that would indicate water leaks on a M/H with this age. I have seen quite a few where the over cab area had leaks and required major repairs. Do all the normal tire kicking and crawling underneath looking for oil leaks and such. Are the tires dry roted? Does the unit have a automatic trans, if so pull the trans d/stick and smell the fluid. If it has a burnt smell you are probably getting close to o/haul time. What size engine and has it had regular maintance? Does the engine smoke (blue) when first cranked or after prolonged idle periods? This would indicate valve seals and is fairly common on chev. engines with age or high milage. Check the brakes, do they stop even with no grab? Just a few things that come to mind. Good luck

Chelse L. Nash