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Looking at buying a 28ft class c motor home. ( gulfstream )conquest sport.
HAS A 454 ENGINE. Being a one year old motor home is 33,470 kl' a lot for the price of 65'000$ Canadian

Lloyd Chase


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Hi Lloyd,
Welcome to the forum! I don't have a motorhome and can not answer your question but I am having problems understanding the question.
"Being a one year old motor home is 33,470 kl' a lot for the price of 65'000$ Canadian"
Perhaps if you can clarify what you mean, you will get more response from those that can help.
Good luck in your search for a motorhome.

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C Nash

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Lloyd, I also did not understand your question but, you got to remember i'am from the deep south and even have problems understanding my own I assumed that the 33kl is what we calls miles down here and their asking 65,000 dollars (Canada dollars) Don't know how that converts to US dollars but, 65,000 I think would be kind of high here. Go to the home page on this forum and click on the NADA guide and you might find a value for the M/H. Good luck

Chelse L. Nash

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Will Daniels

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I think what Lloyd means is that it has 33000 kilometers which is about 20000 miles in the US.65000 in Canadian money is about 43300 US last I knew. If my guess is correct it sounds like a lot of money for this rig.


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It sounds to me like whoever is trying to sell you this rig is asking too much for it. See if you can gert the owner to knock off about $20k from the price and ,I think, that would be about correct. JMHO

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