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Okay here is my story. I am a travel nurse that goes from place to place to work. My husband and small dog are with me at all times. I even have my kids during certain times of the year. We have decided on a Class A M/H but how do we know what is the right size. I think we should buy used because money is an issue. Also we don't have perfect credit so who do I goto to see about financing. Is this considered a auto, housing, or personal loan. I have done a lot of looking and searching the internet and there is so many choices. I am very frustrated and don't know where to go. So please somebody give me some help.
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I would say to find a good dealer and talk to them. They have contacts with banks etc and should know where you can get financing. As far as size etc., that is up to you needs. How much sleeping room etc that you need.

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Like Gary said, hard to say on size. How long will you be staying in the RV? If only a day or two you could probably get by with a smaller unit but, if you are planning on extended travel I would recomend at least 34 ft with slide. Have you thought about renting a M/H? You should be able to count it as a business expense either way buying or renting. If you have a poor credit rating it will probably be hard to find a finance co. to float the loan. Most rv loans are for longer periods than car or bank personal loans. There are a lot of good buys on used M/H out there but be careful there is a lot of junk also. M/hs require a lot of maintiance so it helps to be mecanically inclined. I think I would try the rented rv first to see if this is the way you want to travel. Don't get discouraged, we rv'ers can get by in what ever our budget allows from sleeping under the stars to wonder lodges on wheels. Good luck

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Maybe you need to get creative. There are many locations that will give a huge sign-on bonus ($10,000?) for an RN (Sebring, FL, is one, I've been told: state-of-the-art hospital run by Seventh-Day Adventists I believe; they have the whole region sewn pun intended.) I think it's called Florida Heartland Hospital or something like that on Sun 'n Lake Blvd in Sebring. Anyway, with a substantial sign-on bonus there or somewhere else, you could have a huge down-payment on an RV and probably only have to agree to a year or two at the hospital. BTW I lived in Sebring for about six years and it's not a bad place. Lots of things still reasonably priced--80 miles from both coasts and Orlando. Something to think about. Best, Shelly


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Hi there, I don't know if it helps, but we bought our motorhome with a Home Equity Line of Credit because the rate was very good. We found by shopping the RV loans were extremely high interest, one bank at 11% and we have good credit. Also, we didn't have a whole lot of cash for a down payment. The RV loans were pretty much 80% to blue book value as for the amount of loan. We live in Las Vegas, there's no way you can buy anything off the dealer lot for close to blue book, so the cash out of pocket up front was extremely high. If you can, and if you own a home, it's a bit expensive to open one because you have to pay for an appraisal, but I found that the HELOC loan was the best way to go for us.

We bought used and not from a dealer, it was a private sale. The situation we're in, is that we got a fair deal on the sale, but right now we're bleeding money for repairs etc, the previous owners had let it sit without maintenance. Used is always good in that you don't take initial depreciation hit, but it's a pain in the butt cause you don't really know what you're buying unless you have someone to inspect it with a fine tooth comb. I hired someone to do that, but it has become obvious he was not worth the $350 to do this service. I'd find someone who really knows chassis and coach really well, and if it's hiring someone, make certain you check out their credentials etc.

Good Luck to you!!!