First trip in 5 years help.

Hi all. Im new in rv-ing, but in the same respect im not. My grandparents would take the family on trips frequently in the 1987 Sunsport. My grandma, being 83, drove it, a 30 some odd foot motorhome. My grandparents are now passed away. Im 19, 19 years later and still love the idea of the motorhoming. The motorhome currently sits with no title (qoute on qoute) from what the family says. My first question is how to do I get the title? The motor home hasn't been on a trip for 5 years. Before stating it up, what do I do? My idea is to empty the fuel tank and put less than half in of new fuel. After this put new oil in it as well as a newer battery. Theirs no reason it shouldn't start, since their isn't that so called computer stuff in it....Which all in all makes life simpler. The tires look reasonbly good, but I would like to replace them, im guessing their about $175 a peice? The tires them selves are not dry rotted and have decent tread on them. Other than that it's a few cosmetics. I love the thing and I would hate to see it get wasted and just sit. I hate seeing cars sitting, and Im not even a pure car guy. I know it gets 4 miles per gallon and cost about $140 to fill, which isn't bad considering the fun, you know? Im not married, I have no kids, I just want to have fun whikle I can, smartly with lesser chance of breaking down or breaking anything.

Thanks for the help, it's greatly appreciated. And sorry for the long post.



RE: First trip in 5 years help.

I would say ,, replace the tires and do all the needed maint,, and roll out and have fun,, if u'r single and have the money to travel then ,, go for it ,, i would love to have nothing better to do than figure out where my next detination was going to be ,,, but with running a rv repair bussiness and working a farm i can not do this ,, but i do get away for about 8 months outta a year,, so i guess it's not all that bad ,, but again go out and have fun... :bleh: :approve: :approve: :cool: :)
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Re: First trip in 5 years help.

If the tires are seven years old or older, you need to replace them no matter what they look like. If you don't, sooner or later they will blow out. You are wise to put in fresh fuel and change the oil and filter. Before you travel with it I would also replace the brake fluid because it does collect water and that can cause brake fade and in extreme cases, loss of brakes. Take a hard look at all belts and hoses as well. No reason why you should not be able to get it back on the road. You will need to chase down the title and get it transfered into your name in order to get license plates for it. You will probably need a copy of the death certificate and possible a will or such. You should be able to get a duplicate of the title if you can't locate it.


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Re: First trip in 5 years help.

If there is no title available, you may still be able to get it in your name. This worked for me many years ago for a car.

1) Have a title search done to see if any liens or other problems, see if anyone is registered as owner.
2) Take out a 'title bond' (an insurance policy in case there is ever any claims against your new title)
3) Apply for a new title in your name

Check with your MVD for the process in your state.