Fiver taboo-Can anyone reccomend 5th Wheel?

[Rusty] It seems almost like taboo for anyone to make a reccomendation about a trailer!
I have been looking for information on the BEST and WORST fifth wheel trailers and can find nothing and no one seems willing to take a crack at it. Surely there is some info out there somewhere that simply says: stay away from brands c, d, a, and t and the best built trailers are: b,z,x, and q.
can anyone help me? maybe somebody has some stories. maybe the question should be: "what features are essential in a fifth wheel that will make for a long, hassle free ownership?"
anyone&#039s thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you very much
Fiver taboo-Can anyone reccomend 5th Wheel?

[Tom] I suggest that you start your research at RV Consumers Group ( Nobody is going to tell you what to buy or not to buy, you have to do your own research and form your own opinion.
Fiver taboo-Can anyone reccomend 5th Wheel?

[Roger] There is a decision of the users lifestyle. Maybe you are left handed and it better to have sink drain board on other side etc. You have find a floor plan that fits you needs and do like Tom suggested. Still you run risk of buying the highest rated unit and fabricater is having personal problems and QC persons Car broke down so that day a major problem occurred in quality of end product.
Fiver taboo-Can anyone reccomend 5th Wheel?

[john] I&#039ve had Nomad, Wilderness, Carri-Lite and Excel. The first two were fine for vactions/weekends and the latter for long term RVing. But the prices vary so much, from the 20&#039s to the 40&#039s. Do you want light? long with slides? Maybe a good place to start would be at where you can get a price with any options you might want. I believe at you can get base prices for their RVs too.
Fiver taboo-Can anyone reccomend 5th Wheel?

[Sam] You can look at www.nrvh.con. This is National RV home page and they have a good line of Fifth Wheels that are mid priced. They also just started building a lower line of fifth wheels called Splash
Fiver taboo-Can anyone reccomend 5th Wheel?

[W E Wellington] It costs you to join this group but the information is well worth your 100. We received a very large book with rating and comparisons of just about every type of RV. That book along with the other information provide really helped us in choosing which 5th wheel to purchase. For your information, we bought a Travel Supreme with triple slides, 36&#039. The guy who rates the rv&#039s does not like triple slides.
W E Wellington
Fiver taboo-Can anyone reccomend 5th Wheel?

[Becky] Rusty,

We have been full timing since the 60&#039s. You first must determine your budget and always include the cost of a tow vehicle. Once you have determined your price range and the units that fit in that range go to the manufacturer and take the tour. Trust me this is not a waste of time. You can see things in the construction which may totally change your mind about that unit -- it has happened to us. Reading recommendations are good -- that can lessen your search -- actually seeing construction is essential. And, in all honesty, consider buying an initial, inexpensive unit to get the feel of the experience of rving and to talk to folks in campgrounds. I have always found people eager to discuss and cuss their units.