Flagstaff High-wall tent campers

Purchased model 625D in May 2005. Have had MANY problems with the powerlift system requiring return to dealership. As a result, I've only been able to use my camper 4 times since purchase! Have gotten mixed messages from the sales people vs. their mechanics. Would like very much to hear from other owners regarding your experiences with this powerlift (or other similar) system. Thanks!
Flagstaff High-wall tent campers

Ultimately "fixed" by changing the original manufacturer's circuit breaker to a larger capacity one on the lift motor. Seems like a bigger motor or ? by Flagstaff would be in order. That's why I'd like to hear of any similar experiences. This is a big pop-up with a large roof A/C unit - until changing the breaker, the motor would quit before the top was fully up. We did contect Flagstaff early on, and they sent a new motor (same size, same problem).