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The quality of any tent trailer is suspect :laugh: As far as my experience with the Flagstaff line, they seem to be on par with Shasta and Palamino(which I don't thinkis made anymore).


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I'm puzzeled as to the previous statement? We owned a Starcraft for 12 years and the quality was excellent. In fact, even though that was a 1973 model, we still see some of then from that era in use. As to the one you are asking about, I don't have any experience with it either, but I can tell you that Forest River has had some pretty poor reviews and comments on may of the forums lately.
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Tent trailers today are not built as sturdy as most travel trailers are. They have gone for lighter weight over structural integrity. The tent trailers of yester year were heavier and better constructed than the ones today. Most are built light enough to be towed by mini vans and small cars, but they haven't made the move to space age materials just wood and fiberglass. This means that there is less or lighter (more brittle) wood and less of it and little to no aluminum or steel. Put all this together and you get a tent trailer of actually worse quality than the old ones. You can disagree with me if you want to but I never saw an Apache tent trailer frame warp out of shape when you leveled it.