flat batteries

With my 2005 coachmen mirada after not using it for 3 weeks all the batteries are dead flat, Should they run down so fast? I have checked all power outlets were off and all was as it should be. can anyone help me with an answer regards Big Bilko

DL Rupper

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Re: flat batteries

Do you have a 12 V battery disconnect switch? If so turn it off when you are not using you RV. The clocks and some other small appliances will still draw power if the batteries are not turned off.

If your batteries are turned off and you are still losing power, you probably have hard wired smoke, propane, carbon monoxide detectors wired into your 12 V system. Either find the fuses and disconnect them or just disconnect the batteries from the RV circuit. I had the same problem and couldn't figure out why after turning my battery disconnect switch off, I was still slowly losing the charge. I finally discovered my detectors were wired direct to the batteries, by-passing the turn off switch. I guess they keep the detectors on just in case you are in the RV with the 12 V turned off. Safety.


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Re: flat batteries

I have had the same problem, but when I checked the shore power the plug wasn't in the socket all the way and wasn't supplying the power to the MH. results dead batteries. I have solved that problem and now I have good batteries and power to the MH all the time. I also have a solar panel to trickle charge the MH batteries. As for now everything is good :laugh: :cool:
Re: flat batteries

Thank you for your replies on my battery problems.I think you may be right about the detectors draining the power .I intend to buy a solar powered trickle charger to leave on permantly and will try to locate a way to disconnect the alarms when the van is left for long periods. Kind regards from down under and have a great and safe Easter. Big Bilko