Flat Towing a 2003 Minnie Cooper

Once you have the base plate and the blue ox tow bar in place, what do you do with the ignition switch?

Place manual transmission in neutral, release brake, check brake lights, etc. but do you leave the ignition switch turned off, or in the accesory mode?

C Nash

Senior Member
David, have you checked in your owner manual for proper procedures. My guess would be switch in accessory position if that releases the steering wheel lock.
Hi, thanks! Minnie Cooper states that you can not flat tow any of their vehicles without voiding your warranty. I don't have a warranty on a 2003, so I'm going to try it.

C Nash

Senior Member
I would do some more research before flat towing the M C David. Evan a lot of standard shifts cannot be towed 4 down. Might damage the transmission.