Flat Towing a Front Wheel Dingy


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Hi! All
This is not a new topic really, but I tried to look up what mag. I saw on this site that listed all flat towable cars. I went thru at least 20 pages, so here I am asking. We are Winter Texans in TX and a guy across from me flat tows a Chev Malibu Maxx it looks like 2005 or 2006, a front wheel drive car with a towbar. Has anyone tried this we are getting ready to change our dingy and want one that we do not have to put on a tow dolly. In fact he says he only starts the engine every 500 miles when towing and said his book does not even require this. In fact there is another one in the campgrounds that has been towed 5,000 miles with no problems. I just find it hard to believe you can flat tow a front wheel drive car. Without something special done to the car. He says all he does is remove the fuse as to not clock up miles while being towed. I'll await your replies. Thanks

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Flat Towing a Front Wheel Dingy

Plant, I think you can go to Motorhome magazine and find a list of four down toads. Saturn is a popular toad. We tow a 2002 4door 4x4 Chevy Tracker automatic 4 down. It is recomended not to tow over 55 and start engine ever 200 miles which is no problem for me. We have towed it around 20,000 miles.