flawed fiberglass exterior


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Hi. I am hoping someone can help me or at least point me in a helpful direction. I have purchase a new fifth wheel and have bubbling in the fiberglass exterior. I am told that there was a batch of bad fiberglass that got out to a lot of manufactures. I am also told that the only way to fix it is to have the trailer reskinned. The manufacturer and the dealer have made two attempts to repair it by patching and painting over it. Yet more bubbles have appeared on the entire unit. Has anyone heard of this or experienced it and would please share your tips and advise. We are very discouraged with the way the manufacturer is handling this problem and fear the warranty will expire before it is handled properly. Thanks

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Re: flawed fiberglass exterior

You have left a lot of information out. What year is your trailer? Who made it? Is it high gloss or Filon fiberglass?

Some manufactures had more problems than others, it depends a lot on how the wall was made. It is true that the manufacture of Filon changed its process in the making of the fiberglass and de-lamination has been a problem the last couple of years. I think the manufacture has gone back to the original formula.

Cutting out the bubble, filling with fiberglass and repainting is the usual fix for this. I doubt you will get a manufacture to "re-skin" a trailer. Depending on how the wall is built, that may not be possible. Vacuum bonded walls cannot be taken apart, for example.