Fleetwood Tioga or Winnebago Minnie?


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We're looking to buy our first RV and after much research have decided on a 31ft C class with slideout. We are leaning towards the Fleetwood Tioga which has a rubber roof and the Winnebago Minnie that has a fiberglass roof.

Can anyone share their experiences of either of these models?

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Fleetwood Tioga or Winnebago Minnie?

I don't know about motorhomes, but my Terry (a Fleetwood product) 5th wheel rubber roof has been problematical. It was not sealed right at the factory and needed to be completely (including the wood underneath) replaced. Plus, the dealer attempted to tell me that it only had a 90 day guarantee, and then said it had to be resealed every 6 months...

Intuitively, a fiberglass roof would seem to be a better idea than a rubber roof, but we'll have to hear from people who actually have one to know for sure.


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Fleetwood Tioga or Winnebago Minnie?

I would buy a Winnebago product anyday over FW, based on my experiences with FW quality, dealer service, and FW customer services. I don't like my rubber roof, and think fiberglass would be better, but I've never had one on an RV for comparison purposes. Take a look at the construction method used to attached the fiberglass at the roof edges. For example, does the fiberglass curve downwards and overlap the sides? Is there a seam that required yearly maintenance?