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My husband and I are about to make the plunge from TT to Class C. We are looking at a new 2007 Fleetwood Tioga SL 31W. We love the floorplan and the basement storage that is provided. The salesman indicated the MSRP was $109,000 and they are selling it for $79,888 which I thought at the time sounded really good. I have now done some research and found it to be about where it needs to be. But what we really need is any information bad or good on this line/model. All comments/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Fleetwood Tioga SL

I have a 1992 Fleetwood Tioga...I bought it this past Feb and have gotten great service from Fleetwood! Based on how Fleetwood has treated the 5th owner of a 15 year old rv, I would consider buying a new one!

Some things I have found about the rv that I would want to change include:
-no by-pass on the hot water heater (and the hwh is gas only)
-no roof vent in the back bedroom
-no lights in the storage compartments
-a/c is not ducted

I love the floor plan and at 15 years old, it was in my price range for a second camper (I also own a park trailer).

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Re: Fleetwood Tioga SL

Thanks for the feedback. I'll have to check those items to see if there have been any changes. :)