Fleetwood wilderness 2006 5th wheel

We just started living in our 5th wheel and we are in western colorado. We don't know how to prepare it and us for winter. We are not sure if it is a true 4 season 5th wheel. We were of course told it is but are not sure. :blush: My question is what do we do to make sure we have no problems this winter.

C Nash

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Re: Fleetwood wilderness 2006 5th wheel

Will you be in one place for the winter? I don't think the Wilderness is a true four season rv but JMO. Do you have heated holding tanks? Is the underbelly enclosed? You will need a large propane tank and some kind of underpinning for the wilderness. There should be some kind of heat in the compartment where the city water and demand pump is located. Ice maker will have to be winterized or a light in the exposed area of the in line. What part of Colorado? Gets pretty cold there. I think one of the forum members spent the winter there and maybe they will help you/
Re: Fleetwood wilderness 2006 5th wheel

We are in Parachute and we will be until the end of the year. We are wondering if it would be best to take it in and have a profesional check it out and do the work that is needed. Unless it is easy then we will. To be truthfull we have no idea what we are doing. The underbelly is completly enclosed. I don't know what JMO is. Thank you for your response :)