We have just purchased a 1994 Fleetwood Southwind. It is truly beautiful and has everything we wanted. However, some of the posts here have negative remarks aobut Fleetwood products. This freightens me! I own one! Any comments??

Cliff Sikes

C Nash

Senior Member

If you are happy with you Fleetwood, don't worry about problems others have had. Fleetwood is the or one of the largest makers of rvs so, I would expect more unhappy fleetwood owners. All mfgs put out some lemons. Expect some problems because they are going to happen. Load up and enjoy

Chelse L. Nash

I agree with Cliff. Fleetwood IS the largest RV manufacturer, so there will be some who are unhappy with their product. Just remember, you are driving a box that contains every system your house has in it, every system your car has, and some extras ....and it is vibrating and shaking every mile! Just maintain it well, and when something breaks (and it will), fix it and go on down the road. RVing will require flexibility; once you learn to roll with the punches it is great fun and you meet great folks.

Gary B

Senior Member

Hi Cliff, don't put to much worry into the negitive Fleetwood posts, as posted Fleetwood is one of the largest mfg., you don't get to be that large putting out a bad product all the time. Every other mfg has also built lenoms, we have a 1994 Fleetwood Bounder and its the best RV we've ever owned, and we've had about 7 others over the past 25 years. We also had a Fleetwood Tery 5th wheel prior to going to a MH and it was an excellent product. welcome to the forum and to rving & happy trails GB