Well i been away from here for awhile ,, but i wish it was for a different reason ,,, some may have seen the news in TN ,, about all the rain we got ,, well anyway ,, i wanted work ,, now i got ton's ,, we have been pulling TT's ,, 5er's and a couple of MH's from the Walland area ,, MR got hit hard ,, but not as hard as the Perry's Mill Dam CG area (it's right on the river ) ,, anyway i got a yard full of wet rv's ,, and now to rip them apart ,, and see what can be saved ,, oh BTW most got only about floor damage ,, but i know there is more than the eye can see ,,, but i'll take it one rv at a time ,, and see what the insurance companies are gonna pay ,,, ;) :( :( :( :( :)
oops forgot ,, here is pic of the CG
Sorry that is it from the news paper ,, but i didn't have camera with me ,, and wasn't think about taking pic's at the time :( :( :(


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Re: flooding

Well I am glad u have gotten some work, but not under those conditions. I wish the owners well and the insurance cover them and you make tons of money.I knew something was wrong when u didn't return my phone call :laugh: ttul


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Re: flooding

Not good in some respects but good you got some work out of it even under these sad conditions. Good luck to all.