Floor repair

Hi, I bought a used 37" Fleetwood, the floor by the slider has some give to it, How would I go about repair it or adding support, the area is about 1 sq ft. Any advice ??Thanks
Floor repair

I am fairly new to motorhome ownership but I am a general contractor that specalizes in repairs. You don't say if this by a slide out or a sliding glass door. if it is by a glass door I can only assume it is weather damage. In either case you need to make sure you remove your flooring back to it's supports [floor joists] and if on an exterior opening such as a door then remove the theshold also. Take your time and do a neet and clean job of cutting out the damaged material and you will have a much better repair. Replace the flooring with an equal thickness of a good product and in this case marine plywood comes to mind, use screws on patch and around the patch also. Then of course you will need to replace your finished floor since is has been destroyed unless it is carpet and still in good shape. A word of advice, don't nickel and dime it, your time is more valuable than saving $10, $20 or evern $100 on materials.
If anyone else out there knows for a fact that I am all wet with this information PLEASE say so, as I had mentioned I am new to Motorhome ownership.
Floor repair

Hi again
I may not have made myself clear on one point, make sure you cut your damaged floor out to the middle of the floor joists or support. You need to have the support for the old part of the floor and also the patch.
Floor repair

Thanks for the info Tom... Update info.. Sliding glass door.. Also, the carpet is fine, it's under the linoleum, right where it meets the carpet. I pulled the capret back and saw where a "repair" was done or attempted to the floor. Is there anyway to pull up the linoleum,without damaging it so I can lay it back down?It's not tile, it's a sheet. I really didn't want to get involved in replacing all of the linoleum, it runs from the sliding glass door all the way back into through bathroom... Thanks Jim
Floor repair

Hi Jim
The slider will probably be a major job to remove. They are usualy put together with the threshold [bottom] screwed to the sides. So it means you need to remove the glass slider then the glass stationary panel, then you can remove the frame. You may even need to loosen up the siding if the lip of the frame is under it. This won't be a fun job.
As far as your linoleum, I'm sorry but you won't be able to save it.
You might think of a place to cut it and put in a contrasting piece for your entry area right by the door.
I wish you success