Greeting - It has been a long time since I've posted to the forum. My biggest question that I have at the moment is how can I change my floor in my rig? Currently we have carpet on the floor with foam padding underneath. I'm getting tired of vacumning all the time and I would love to change it to titles (with sticky back) or lamated wood.
Any suggestions or tips on changing one's floor in the rig?

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If the carpet is in front of a slide room, be careful about what you replace it with. Most slides will scar most hard flooring. You might get lucky and already have some kind of lanolium{sp} under the carpet and pad already. A call to Coachman might be in order. there # is 574-825-5821. Good luck.


The only time I used (I was FORCED!) sticky-back tile on a floor, the stuff moved around after a few months of walking on it. We put it in a small bathroom, so there wasn't THAT much traffic. We ended up with gaps and bumps.

Our Winnie is half linoleum and half carpet. The linoleum is what you walk on the most around the kitchen cabinets and back to the bedroom and between the shower and bathroom. Works great.

Well, we're lucky that our rig doesn't have a slideout. Jeff - thanks for the number for Coachman - I will put that into my book here at home. I assume that the "bumps and gaps" are related to the "wear and tear" on the titles?
Thanks for the suggestions.