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This Dec., we'll be taking a trip to Florida from California. Would certainly appreciate any tips, route ideas, sights to see etc. along the way. At the moment, I'm looking at Hwy 10 going east and perhaps something different on the return such as hwy 40. Going to Orlando for about a week. My fingers are crossed. :) :) PM's are gladly accepted.


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sorry hit the wrong key on the other post ,,,,,Now STARTING OVER,,,, Hi Rodger we took I -40 out to Flagstaff AZ. and we had to cross Texas and I thought we would never get through it, but we did. Don't let no one tell you that Texas isn't big, they are lying. It is a hugh state. Now on our way back we took I-10 to Houston and the state was working on the highway and that slowed us down some. Once we got through Texas we travel to Gulf Port, MS. There we spent the night so we could go to the casinos. Next day we came on home. Also I -10 is good traveling through FA. over to I-75. Once you get to I-75, hang a right and keep on going and you will be there before you know it. But you may want to travel down the west coast of FA and then cross over. Good luck on your travel.
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It depends on what your enjoy doing, but my DH & I have gone to Floriday every year for :eek: 36 years (I was 12 when we married! HA!) and the best deals in camping & for seeing the real Florida are the State Parks. Every one we have stayed in has been beautiful and they offer everything from sites right off the beach to fantastic canoe trips on some of the most beautiful springs in the world. Many of the springs and surounding vegetation look just like the Tarzan movies.
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Now see, this is why this is the best forum. We certainly appreciate all the good information. Only eleven months to go !! :eek: :)


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Now ,, Roger ,, u sound as bad as me ,, and i have only about 4 months ,, till i hit the sand :disapprove: :laugh: :bleh:


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The 40 he was typing about is State Road 40. Splits the state in half east to west...Daytona to Ocala. Be careful at the intersection of 40 & 19.
If I were traveling Florida routes, as with any state, I like the back roads. All the interstates look the same.
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I know Rod. It's bad :laugh: Between now and the time we leave, I'll probably make the trip countless times in my mind. :laugh: :laugh:
I hope to take as many back roads as time permits.. hmm, time seems to be the evel word here !! Well, anyway I'll keep planning and and asking questions.
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Depending on how much time you have I would suggest staying in Destin Fl. at Henderson Beach State Park for a few days the Beach is absolutely beautiful and lots to see and do around town! Too cold to swim but beautiful none the less. Also coming across I-10 to I-75 right where the two meet is another beautiful state park called Stephen Foster Folk Center state park. We just returned from a month long trip to Florida and stayed there, I originally had only booked 1 night but we loved it so much I was able to extend our stay by an extra night. We definitely plan to spend more time there next year. Both parks can be booked online at ReserveAmerica.com