Flounder Motorhomes?!


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I guess there's a new Class A on the market. Maybe this has been discussed here, but after a search, I couldn't find anything.

Check out http://floundermotorhomes.com/ for a gander at this rather strange initial offering for a company run by the son of one of Fleetwood's founders, as I understand it.

First, who would dream up a name like Flounder for a product?! (Besides God, that is.)

And for a first model, they are offering a 40 foot gas rig. They might have started with a 29 footer or something smaller.

And that overhang! It must be ten feet. And looking at the basement open doors photo, it doesn't look like there's all that much storage.

I think I'd pass. But heck, a feller has to start somewhere, I reckon.


C Nash

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Re: Flounder Motorhomes?!

Kind of interesting and has some good features. Should have put it on the W24 to increase the CCC. Wonder why the name flounder :( . See Arizona is nearest place for us to look :( but, think I'll pass to. Sure would hate to be a starting MH builder at present time with gas a possible 5 bucks a gallon in the near future.