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Didn't Clinton appoint the only survivor of the Roswell crash Attorney General in 1993?
:) :)
I love to watch stuff about aliens and UFO's on TV, it annoys my wife to no end! One day I'd like to visit Roswell
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730 - 1/26/2009 6:52 PM WHAT 60 mph winds ,, heck when i lived there we called them a breeze :laugh: ,, the wind blows in NM all the time ,, u get used to after awhile ,,, but i am sure glad i don't live there anymore :approve: :approve:
Believe it or not we've been here since the 16th and this is the first time the winds have been over 10mph. We're used to getting high winds in Alamo, Texas but didn't know they were worse here, lol. I'm just hoping by the time we leave the winds have calmed down. Don't like pulling the big trailer in high winds.
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krautdog - 1/27/2009 11:24 AM Didn't Clinton appoint the only survivor of the Roswell crash Attorney General in 1993? :) :) I love to watch stuff about aliens and UFO's on TV, it annoys my wife to no end! One day I'd like to visit Roswell
Hey I like to watch those shows too, lol. My son and a friend of his actually saw a UFO a few years back. It was big and went right over his house. This was in Illinois. I was hoping to see something while at Roswell, but no such luck ha-ha. Also been keeping my eyes open here at WSMR but don't expect much. I'd have a better chance of seeing an animal from Africa. Oh yeah, that's because they imported Oryx here, lol. Crazy to see an animal from Africa roaming free here in the US.
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Got up early this morning and headed out of WSMR. We only drove as far as Lordsburg, NM. Staying at the KOA here. Lots of room, FH including cable & wi-fi for $34.35. Not really too bad. But, we'll make it up on our next stop. We'll only be paying $12 per night or less at the Sierra Vista military campground. Album LINK .

To be continued.....
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We're at Fort Huachuca, AZ now. We got here on the 2nd and will be leaving out tomorrow heading for Yuma, AZ. We have visited Tombstone and Boothill while here. Sierra Vista is right outside the gate. More later.
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Alrighty then. We left Fort Huachuca on the 6th and drove to Gila Bend, AZ. Spent the night at an RV Park at the Shell Station right off of I8. Full Hook-ups for only $21 but noisy as heck! Right by a busy highway and of course (our luck) a train track that had one after another all night long!

We got a late start the next day and drove to Yuma. We had to wait one day because our reservations for the Lake Martinez Recreation Facility at the Yuma Marine Corps Air Station were for the 8th. So we started looking for a campground at Yuma. They had dozens of parks but we couldn't find one spot! So, we decided to drive on out to the FamCamp and see if we could dry camp until the morning.

By this time it was dark and 3 inches of the 12 inch annual rainfall decided to fall on us! It was dark, rainy, and we were on a strange road in the mountains when we spotted a VFW. I told the DH that maybe we could park there for the night and continue on the next day when our site would be ready.

Well, when we pulled in the parking lot we noticed a whole lot of RV's parked next to the VFW lot. When we inquired we found out the land next to the VFW was city property and you could dry camp there. We were able to find a spot and camp for free! No hook-ups but we didn't care. We had lights, water, bathroom, and heat. We were set.

Got up this morning and got lucky because the spot we were to get was empty early and we got moved in and all set-up by 10 am.

We are at Lake Martinez which is 38 miles northeast of Yuma, AZ. Very small campground, only 17 sites, only has 50 amp and water. But there is a shower/bath house and they allow the gray water to drain on the ground. The cost is only $12 a day! Beautiful scenery and the best part is NO TRAINS OR HIGHWAYS! Staying here until the 11th which is the day we will be driving on to Camp Pendleton, CA.

Link to my album with pictures of the campgrounds.

To be continued.....
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We left Lake Martinez in Arizona early this morning and drove on I8 over the mountains to I5 and then to San Onofre Beach Campground at Camp Pendleton, CA. The DH went through Boot Camp here so we are walking down memory lane for him. Of course after 46 years, everything has changed. Check out my PICTURE ALBUM to see my pictures of the trip.

To be continued.....
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Well we moved 50 north to Long Beach/Los Angeles area. We are staying at the Seabreeze RV Park at the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station. Beautiful campground only three years old and within twenty miles of everything in Los Angeles/Hollywood/Long Beach area. Full hook-ups, cable, wi-fi available, and free laundry! Huge 20 X 50 foot concrete pads with separate parking for your car. Wonderful. Price is only $23 a day!

More later with pics!
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Well we had fun at Seal Beach. Drove into Los Angeles and went to Grauman's Chinese Theatre to see all the stars 'stars' on the sidewalk. This is right next door to the Kodak Theatre where they had the Oscars the night before we got there. Didn't see any actual stars but the big Oscar in front of the building on one side was still there, so got lots of pics of it in front of the building plus them hauling it away.

We also took the obligatory 'tour of the stars' ride through Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Bel Air. Still didn't see any stars but saw lots of nice homes.

We also went to Universal Studios and Disneyland. Both were fun and had some cool rides but we really enjoyed Universal more than Disneyland. We got to take a tour of the backlot and saw lots of movie sets such as The Grinch, Jurassic Park, Pyscho, and War of the Worlds.We also went aboard the Queen Mary. That is one big ship! We loved all the history on the ship and the retro decor was really cool.

We hooked up the Long Trailer on Saturday the 28th of Feb and left for home. We just finally unhooked it today, the 4th of March at Rockport, TX. Whew! We covered some miles in the last five days – over 1,500! Stopped at Casa Grande, AZ; Lordsburg, NM; Van Horn, TX; Junction, TX; and ended up here at Rockport, TX.

Looking forward to some great seafood and some relaxation!
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Well, we decided to extend our south time and are staying at Hurlburt Field FamCamp in Florida. We like it here better than anywhere! Always have great people and plenty of stuff to do.

to be continued.....
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Hey I believe I spotted Kirk and his better half at at Logan's Roadhouse restaurant on Mary Esther Cutoff here where we are staying. It was about two weeks ago. I thought it might not be him at the time but now that I see his updated picture I know it was both of them. Small world. If it wasn't him, it was his double and his wife's double. :eek: