For Sale: Battery Watering Technology System to fit 4 GC2 batteries


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This is the best battery watering system I could find! Hands Down! Each cap has a white float that you can either see (when no water is needed) or not see (when you need to add water). Every other system I found when looking for a system, required you to hook up and pump water thru them each time, as there was no way to determine if water was needed or not.

Its listed on eBay. Battery Watering System on eBay

With this system I only needed to open the bay door a bit to see if water was needed or not. Perfect!

This winter I upgraded to LiFePo4 batteries so I no longer need them.

I am including all 12 caps and the piping that was required to connect to all 4 of my GC2 6v batteries. If you have some other configuration you may need to buy extra plastic piping. My batteries were configured as two rows end to end, between those ends was about 3-4" space. You should be able to make that out in the overall pictures in the listing. Wish I had thought to take a picture prior to selling the batteries! You get the hand pump and all the connectors. The only thing you should need to use it would be a bottle of distilled water!

To me, this was better than sliced bread!! Only thing better was moving to LiFePo4 batteries, with NO maintenance at all and 100% of the AMPs usable. (of course they cost more than my first car, actually more than my first 4 cars) -Bill


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