Ford 6.9L Diesel


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I am considering buying a 1987 Ford F-250 6.9L Diesel with 120,000 miles, 4WD, tow pkg, 5 spd man. Does this vehicle have a good reputation?

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Ford 6.9L Diesel

Hi, yes the 6.9 is an excellent engine, very depenable, I had 2, one in a 86 F-250 it had a 152000 miles on it when I traded, never had a problem with the truck and it worked every day of its life I had it, the other was in a F-350 dually cube van/service truck we had in our business it was a 1985 6.9 had over 200000 miles on it when we sold it. Both were excellent starters even in the winter up here in MN. both had 4 speed trannys, the F-250 was a 4x4. If the 5 speed tranny is a ZF it is an excellent tranny if its a Mazda(an I don't think Mazda's were ever put behind a deisel) it is a lighter duty tranny. I still have and use it regularyly a 1988 F-250 with a 7.3 and 5 speed/ ZF tranny it has 125000 mile and runs great. Welcome to the forum and good luck in your search. :) :approve:
PS from my experince the 6.9 starts much easier then the 7.3, warm or cold weather.
Ford 6.9L Diesel

Are you kidding? I have a white, 1987 Ford 3\4 ton 4X4 w\ a 6.9 diesel in it. I am in the prosses of rebuilding the motor right now after over 300,000 hard miles! when i took the block to the local shop to have it checked and honed he said that if I just put new rings and bearings in it I would get another 300,000 out of it! I love my truck and highly encourage anyone else to get one also. All I had to do was hone the block and have it acid boiled. i am putting new rings, main bearings, rod bearings and cam bearings in the motor and I am putting it together at the present time. I am sure that once I have completed the rebuild I will have many years of good hard performance out of the truck.Also in my opinion the 6.9 starts much better than the 7.3 that my dad has. also the rings are going out in his at 200,000 miles. It is a 1990.
Ford 6.9L Diesel

The motor and truck are bullet proof if taken care of. I would highly recommend a Banks Power Turbo kit for it to send you saling down the road.

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Ford 6.9L Diesel

Ditto to the previous posts. First truck I bought was a used '90 Ford diesel with the Banks system. I never looked back. This s.o.b will pull **** near anything. Without towing it gets right at 16 mpg. I've even pulled down out buildings on my farm with no problem. I sold on the Fors diesel and plan to get another. RSC