Ford cruise control recall


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For any of you who own a Ford chassis motorhome or a Ford light truck in the recall for the cruise control, it seems that they now have sufficient parts in stock with most dealers such that you can get it taken care of pretty much immediately when you go in for service. I found that to ge true with several dealers in this area. I had mine disconnected last fall when the recall first came out, but as a fulltimer I had not been in one location long enough to get the part put in. That should not be a problem today.


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RE: Ford cruise control recall

yeah you should be able to get it reconnected at most ford dealers now, i work for a ford dealer and we have been reconnected alot of them.

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RE: Ford cruise control recall

Thanks for the reminder Kirk, Our local Ford dealer was susposed to call me when they got some in but it probably fell in the cracks. I have'nt heard from them.