FORD F350 V10

Hi everyone.

As you can see from my signature, I currently have a Ford F250Diesel, and I'm not happy with it. I'm considering going to a F350 V10. Any info you can give on the V10 is greatly appreciated.


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C Nash

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FORD F350 V10

Hi Carl,
Would like to hear why you are unhappy with your F250. Was the 92 a P/S? Do you not like the diesels I agree the F350 would be a much better(IMO) match for your 33 footer and a v10 would be the way to go with gas. Thanks

Chelse L. Nash


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FORD F350 V10

On the downside, I unloaded a beautiful 35 foot, 1999 coach that I kept for 7 months mainly because we considered it to be dangerously underpowered with the Ford V-10. To get the coach I wanted, that was the only engine available. This is Not true today. Because of the Ford V-10, we went diesel. JM2CW - Happy Motoring, Butch - Nancy Lake, Alaska
FORD F350 V10

Hi Chelse,

The 92 is not a P/S. I'm sure this would make a big difference. Mine seems underpowered, and there is a problem with the transmission. "OD" light flashes on and off when under load. (Wonder if Ford know this was going to happen--Owner's manual talks about it) It actually did this whether pulling the camper or not. Had dealer put it on the computer and he replaced the "speed sensor & speed control (?). Before they were replaced the only way to stop the light from flashing was disconnect the red wire from the battery for a few minutes, then it was okay for a day, a week or a month. No rhyme or reason to when it happened unless I was pulling a load. After the above was replaced, it seems to do fine except when I'm pulling. Now if it's flashing, I can, & it will stop flashing, but may start again in 5 minutes. When it is flashing, the pulling is much worse. Should change from 1st to 2nd at 15MPH but changes at 5. I was thinking of going to a F350 anyway and with the difference in cost between V10 and diesel, I'd certainly rather go with V10 if it's a good engine. Will only use the truck for pulling camper and don't plan on going above 10,000lbs or so. Camper now is 8800# dry.

This is the first deisel I've owned, so really don't know if I like them or not.

Thanks for your reply.

Happy camping

93 Dutchmen 330 5th. wheel
92 Ford F250 Ext. cab 7.3LD
FORD F350 V10

Hi Carl

I currently own a 2001 F-250 SD with a V-10 and 4.30 gears. I also went for the 10 because of up front savings and maintenance savings. I have a 25' Nash that I pull with it and I love it! I think for occasoinal pulling and trips the 10 is perfect. But if you are going to full time pulling or trips the powerstroke is probably better.

I have pulled 7% grades doing about 60-70 (standing on it) but I only get about 8mpg. If I drive easy 55-62 I get around 11-12 pulling the loaded camper.

By the way on the F-350.. the only difference is the rear spring pack is bigger!

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