Ford vs. Chevy vs. Dodge

Sorry ' :approve: ' to bring up this age old argument, but what are people's opinions of the best, most durable and economical base vehicles for a class B MH?


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Ford vs. Chevy vs. Dodge

I had an 86 Ford van, gave me nothing but trouble starting around 50K miles. I like Chevy vehicles, but as I recall, Chevy vans have the least footroom for the driver and passenger. My dad's Dodge van seems fine so far, and I think Dodge may be the price leader, but I think they discontinued them or at least the ones suitable for MH usage.

Whatever you get, make sure you get one heavy duty enough to handle a full conversion and have a bit left over to tow with (minimum 1 ton).

How about that new Mercedes diesel van that Daimler Chrysler is coming out with?
Ford vs. Chevy vs. Dodge

According to various sources, the chevy now has the roomiest cabin, but it, and the old Dodge shortcomings were the unibody construction while Ford still uses a seperate frame. Most of the 'votes' I am receiving are leaning toward Ford.
As for the new Dodge, it is being used by a number of companies, and I will be looking at it at the Pennsylvanie RV show 9/13.

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Ford vs. Chevy vs. Dodge

Charlie, you haven't looked under a newer Chevy. They have had a full frame since the new style came out.
I have a '01 GMC cube van and used to work for a company with '90-something Fords. Personally, I like the GM better (more comfortable, easier to get to the rear), but the Fords weren't bad.
The old boss also had a 90-something Dodge. If that one was an average Dodge van, I can see why they are phasing them out.
Ford vs. Chevy vs. Dodge

I just went from 01 F350 PSD to 03 Chevy DMax 3500; the Chevy pulls MUCH better, better mileage, more stable (but went from SRW to dually), less "work"on the driver. Overall, more of a pleasure to pull the fiver. There is no better towing combo, than the DMax and Allison 5sp, in my opinion. The Ford even had the Hypertech putor upgrade, and was my second PSD. Even my Ford dealer told me to stay away from the new 6.0 PSD for awhile!