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We are a British couple planning a tour of the USA by RV. We would appreciate any advice from members which will help with researching and planning our adventure.
We've decided on purchasing a used Class C for our travels - does anyone have advice about which State would be best for us to purchase in? With the country to choose from we don't know where to start!


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Foreign Newbies

Welcome. You might want to think about renting vs buying. Guess it all depends on how long you plan on being here in the USA. If only a month or so, I'd rent. If several months (+6 or more), maybe buy. You have to remember to think about what are you going to do with it when your ready to head home. May not be easy to try and sell it quickly, if you know what I mean. I've met a few folks from other countries that rent for their visit here and then don't have to worry about unloading it. Of course, you might be thinking of shipping it back with you. In that case, check the costs of shipping it back. Don't forget insurance issue and towing for breakdowns, etc.
Regarding what state to try and buy in....try looking on the internet. I believe this web site has some areas for sales, etc. Don't know it England has a AAA (American Automobile Association), but if so, they ought to help you on plans, etc. You may be able to join a club like Good Sam and go with that.
Good luck and if your down around Cocoa Beach, Florida from Oct-Mar stop by Oceanus Mobile RV park at the South end of town and look us up. Just look for the barking dog.....ha ha