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Hi folks from someone not in the US and also someone who has never had an RV.
But after all they are only land based motor yachts aren't they? and I've had salt in my blood for too many years.
I am planning a trip to get as far away from the sea as possible and hope someone can advise me on the odd question.

Firstly if I was to buy an RV in the US how would I go about vehicle documentation not having a US address ?

Also can I drive such a vehicle on a normal car driving Licence ?

Any other information welcome


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Re: Foreigner

Hey fredbargate, welcome to the forum. Yes, you can drive an RV on a car driving license. Not sure about vehicle documentation/address, but somebody will probably have a good answer. I'm an "old salty Marine", but I don't think that counts as having salt in my blood. :laugh:


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Re: Foreigner

It depends on which state the driver's license is from. Some states require a special license for RVs and some don't. Once you have a valid license from one state, it is then good in all states, no matter what their license requirements are.

The documentation you will need is the 'registration' and the 'insurance'. Some states charge a bunch to register a RV (basically a 'luxury tax') based on 'value' or weight or other factors, and others charge a flat fee to register most any vehicle. Chosing your state carefully can save you several thousand dollars a year. Liability insurance is required by law, and you will probably want insurance against crashes (collision) and other things like fire/theft (comprehensive).