Forest River Alpha Wolf 26RB-L


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Hi folks,
It's been 13 years since I had a travel trailer, a Forest River 30 footer, purchased locally, had no issues, etc. Wife left, I raised my kids, got remarried, now I want another TT. :)
Current wife and I have looked at every model we can find at a dealer within 250 miles of home and have decided we want a Forest River Alpha Wolf 26RB-L. There are not a lot of them available but I've found a few dealers within a 6 hour drive of home that have them, or have one or two on order. I value input from you who have recent experience in the RV world, as mine is quite old. :)
So here are my questions:

1. I see a lot of good and bad remarks about Camping World. I realize this is a polarized debate. We have a Camping World about 50 miles from home. They have quoted me a fair price on a new 26RB-L...not the lowest price I've found, but competitive. The next closest Alpha Wolf dealer is 200 miles away, others with availability are further. I'm experience enough to know that service at all dealers can be marginal at best. I do most of my own service. In your opinion, is it worth buying from a non-Camping World dealer that is 4-6 hours away? I have no problem with high-pressure sales tactics at CW, etc., I can deal with those. Based on pricing I've received so far, I can probably buy this TT about $2000 cheaper from a non-local dealer as opposed to CW. I wouldn't mind saving that money, but I'm concerned about having to tow the TT 4+ hours away to drop off and then again to pick up for any annual required inspections, warranty work etc. If this is something that has to be done, I think I'd rather get it at CW and minimize the time involved with things like that even though it will cost me a bit more to purchase. Just looking for thoughts, insight, personal experience, etc.

2. Do any Alpha Wolf owners have issues or problems with the brand? I can't find any negative info online. We've walked a few local campgrounds and talked with current Alpha Wolf owners and all seem to be happy. My previous Forest River Salem was a gem, no problems at all. Thanks for any insight you can give here.

3. Is there an advantage to buying a TT during certain months? Seems to me that near the end of Summer (now) would be a good time as sales probably slump a bit. Waiting for the middle of Winter might even be better. Thoughts on this and how prices are likely to be affected?

4. Finally, if you own a 26RB-L or similar, what do you love and/or hate about it?

Thanks folks, I appreciate any info and insight you can give!
Concord GA