Forest River Nightmare

[Carmel] Do Not Buy A Product of any kind manufactured by Forest River, Inc. We purchased a 2001 Brand New Fifth Wheel last year. We had the Unit for less than one month. We attempted to go on a vacation with it and it had so many major problems that we never had a vacation...We had a nightmare..."a living-in-the midst of-it-nightmare". It had electrical, many problems that it would take a week to list all of them...We returned the Unit. Now, we do not have a brand new fifth wheel, and we have lost all of our money. We paid cash for the RV. Forest River is extremely uncooperative, yet, label us "uncooperative". We paid the price for a brand new Unit; but received one that was falling apart on our way home from the dealer. We have seen other Forest River products, and they have all been in the same "falling apart" condition.
Forest River Nightmare

[Harry] We are about ready to order a Forest River, Reflection Diesel pusher. We have been to the factory and watched the 5th wheels come down the production line. They use quality parts and equipment and do a great job of assembly as far as I could see.
What are the 3 most serious problems that you had with your unit and what did the dealer or the factory not do to correct them? We do not want to buy a problem but all the units we have seen on the road and at the dealers look like they are well built and very good quality for an entry level coach. Later ...Harry...
Forest River Nightmare

[landl] See the post at the bottom of this page. Forest river, buy or not to buy.

They DO make some nice units that are really built well.
Sometimes the Dealer you purchased it from can either make it an enjoyable experience or a nightmare.
Forest River Nightmare

[Harry Thorn] WHY?
See my above note.Please give me facts why I shouldn&#039t buy a Reflection Diesel pusher, not the kind of loose talk that Carmel writes. I need some real reasons not just hersay or factless statements. I don&#039t want to make a mistake in either direction for this size invesment. Someone please give me some answers.
Thanks ...Harry...
You can E-mail me at it you don&#039t want to make any statements on this line. That goes for Carmel too.
Forest River Nightmare

[barb] we purchased a Sierra 5th wheel last year and just love it. we spent four months this past winter traveling between Idaho and south texas. we experienced all kinds of weather but lots of rain and with minor leaking in one of the lower storage areas (after a 2" in 12 hour rain) we never had a problem. we are looking forward to 6 months on the east coast this fall and wouldn&#039t attempt this kind of trip without alot of faith in the vehicle.
Forest River Nightmare

[Diane Berner] We own a 1999 Wildwood 31&#039Travel Trailer (made by Forest River) We are very pleased with it, and it was the most trailer for the money at the time we were shopping. See my full reply to the post "Wildwood 97 model" on May 29 or email me direct at We would not hesitate to buy another Forest River product. Good luck and enjoy whatever you decide on. Diane Berner
Forest River Nightmare

[Chris] Hi, I posted a response before regarding my Rockwood Roo. Last night I came home w/ my new 32&#039 Sportsman quad bunk yehaaa! No more bunk end condensation for me! Anyways, over the last year my wife and I have shopped the planet looking for the right unit so we wouldn&#039t make the same mistake twice. I have learned a couple of things in the last year. I will bestow my infinite wisdom on the world... 1) Most TT&#039s are built pretty crappy. We even looked at Sunlines which are supposed to be top line, and when you look hard, the construction questionable. They all use OSB, scraps of pine, staples and hot glue etc...This is a fact of life. 2) The dealer is the key to happiness. You will always have a problem at some point, and if your dealer bails on you like ours, then your screwed. Most of the manufacturers could care less. Sounds like your in a spot. Unfortunatly lemon laws do not apply to TT&#039s (I checked w/ my guy). Buy the time you go to war you end up spending more than you loose in depreciation. We looked for the best deal and took it in the gut, it didn&#039t hurt too bad. Sorry for your bad experience, been there...