Forest River To buy or not to buy

Forest River To buy or not to buy

[Tom] Martin,
I own a Cedar Creek from Forest River. I bought it a year ago and have found it to be of high quality and would definately recommend them. Having said that, I will add that I have no experience in Forest River tent campers. I can only say that look everything over very carefully before you buy. It really paid off for me. Tom
Forest River To buy or not to buy

[Steve] We also bought a 25&#039 with slideout trailer (2000 Sandpiper by Forest River). Bought it used last month for $8500 and are very happy with it. We&#039ve already used it several times and have no complaints at this time.
Forest River To buy or not to buy

[Dan] Mike,this is the first time I have heard anything good about Forest River products.I was in the market for a new trailer,but after checking other sites was surprised that a lot of people were not satisfied with their products.They sure look good for the money.I think Jayco makes a fine tent trailer,but for the price,it should be.
Forest River To buy or not to buy

[Bruce] Mike,
I have been researching hybid trailers for weeks now and have found most of the sites about rv&#039s. As far as hybrids go, Jayco and Trail-lite have the best rep. Please check out and read the reviews there. It really opens your eyes. Also I have ordered a Trail-lite 21B because it is lighter than the Jayco and is not wood framed. I purchased loaded from RV Lite in Fort Worth for 12,300. Very excellent deal and no haggling. Got the price over the phone and they were good to their word when I came in. Also another brand that has a good rep is Sportsmen TT. They make a hybrid but haven&#039t heard about it&#039s rep.
Forest River To buy or not to buy

[Scot] We owned a Flagstaff pop up beforee our fifth wheel and had no complaints. As a mater of fact, with all the options, we found it just as nice as other models we looked at, especially for the price.
Forest River To buy or not to buy

[Diane] We have a 1997 31&#039 bunkhouse model 31BH Wildwood Travel Trailer made by Forest River. We bought it new and love it and have had no major problems with it. The few minor problems we had were fixed promptly and congenially by the dealer - FunTime RV in Cleburne Tx. We looked at every trailer at dealer lots and RV shows for months and this one compared very well in workmanship with all other brands and was considerably cheaper than Jayco or Terry. We would not hesitate to buy another Forest River product. It&#039s a lot of trailer for the money.
Forest River To buy or not to buy

[Ted] Bruce, We are looking at purchasing a hybrid. Considering the Forest River Rockwood Roo 25" w/ slide out. Wanted a regular TT w/ slide, but pull with a 1/2 ton suburban and afraid of the weight. We&#039ve looked at most all the Forest River brands (Sandpiper, Wildwood, Salem, and Flagstaff) and they seemed to be built pretty well. We like the way the hybrid doesn&#039t waste room on bedding and gives you alot of living space. We have two small children and a TT w/o a slide could get cramped on rainy days.

Have you had a hybrid before, and if so, did you like it?
Forest River To buy or not to buy

[mike r] I had a rockwood ultra lite by forest river and was very happy with it, I had two miner problems with it in which Lowery trailer&#039s in michigan where I purchased it was more than happy to fix it. At rv shows I see alot of dealers selling the same product and to times I bouht from Lowery becuse no one could touch there price or service.
Forest River To buy or not to buy

[VERN] If you are going to keep this purchase for a while don&#039t buy Forest River. If you want this unit for just a year or two, Forest River is ok. Cheap product good price.
Forest River To buy or not to buy

[Rick] Based on experience and through reading several message boards, the Forest River products appear to be middle-of-the-pack. Thor products (Dutchmen in particular) always appear toward the bottom of pack, and Coachmen, Shasta, and Jayco usally get the highest marks.
Good Luck.
Forest River To buy or not to buy

[Chris] I would not recommend a Forest River product. Last year we bought a "hybrid" 21&#039 Rockwood Roo, fully loaded. The trailer has an excessive condensation problem in cold weather. I dont know where you live or what model your looking for, but this has been a nightmare for us. We used the trailer 3 times and it rains inside (we camp early and late in the season). We have talked to Forest River directly and followed their recommendations to the letter, they offered to replace the naugahyde w/ the exact same spec. material, but if that didn&#039t rectify the problem we were out of luck and quickly referred us to their legal staff, which unfortunatly is much larger than mine or they would eat this piece of junk! This was an attemp to make us go away cheaply. The newer grade materials used for fold-down campers does not breath, and in cold weather you better bring plenty of towels or open it up like they suggest and freeze!
Forest River To buy or not to buy

[swsmith] I used to own a Viking popup, and loved it. There were the times it rained,and it got a little close, but we could always go somewhere. I think the type of material used does not allow the fabric to breathe,as suggested before. In cold weather it does sweat, also because there is no insulative material. I don&#039t think any manufacturer useing that type of material could offer any solutions. I did,however, see a Coleman the other day that was a cross between a Hi Lo and a POPUP. I thought it was impressive, and I remember the weight not being horrible. You might take a look at those. Regards
Forest River To buy or not to buy

[landl] First thing is this. You can search All the forums and bulliten boards you want and you will find that if you look long and hard enough you WILL find someone that has had problems with each brand made. The only way to base your decision on buying a unit is to go to the dealers and check out each and every brand that appeals to you. You will find that, as you look at the different TT&#039s, each one has things that you will like and dislike. Take a notepad and list the pros and cons of each one you look at. Better than that, if you have a digital camera, take it along and study the pictures when you get home. This will keep you from getting all the different units confused. We used this approach when we were looking for our new TT.
We decided on the Shamrock 25fds for several factors. The floorplan offered was very roomy(same as the Roo by Rockwood) The fit and finish of the cabinets was impressive compared to the lightweight materials used on some of the other tt&#039s. The TT came with every available option that Flagstaff offered. The weight of the unit was well within the limits for our SUV to pull safely, lots of storage inside and out, and it had a slide too. We have used this unit in the heat and in the rain with "0" problems other than the cd player. It tows great looks good and the price was attractive.
It is true that they have had problems in the past with leaks(as others) but the sealings have been modified providing a much better seal.
If you haven&#039t looked at one, spend an hour going over it and you will see that the unit is well built.
Many people dis the mfgs just because they cannot get any service from the dealer they purchased it from. If you don&#039t feel comfortable with a dealer don&#039t buy from him. There are others out there that will serve and stand behind the units they sell.
If you want to know any specifics on our unit feel free to e me