Forest River Wildcat 29BHS

Hi all,

I have been looking into upgrading from my Frontier 24' TT to about a 30' TT and after looking at way to many TT's I have focused on the 29BHS Wildcat by forest river. Has anyone had any experience with this model and make?


Forest River Wildcat 29BHS

2 other campers my wife has become interested in is the bunkhouse TT models from Star craft's Homestead and Keystone's Laredo. Any opinions on these would be appreciated.

I have found the overall interior quality(first observation) on the Homestead to be better than the wildcat and laredo.

Thanks in advance!
Forest River Wildcat 29BHS

Hi Steve, a word of warning on the Wildcat 29BHS by Forest River... Make sure you check it out THOROUGHLY before you buy. We purchased this model in 2005 and found a lot of sloppy workmanship. Feel free to email me for photos. Things to check are day/night shades (installation of the screw that keeps it tight..ours were ALL loose and not screwed into the wood supports), woodwork, flooring not cut up, overhead storage areas (look underneath where they connect to wall...ours was all gouged up and the wood has many areas that were sloppily cut). Hope this helps some. Good luck!