Fort Myers RV Show


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I went to the show yesterday and was surprised by a few things..

A lot of folks there for a Thursday, not sure how many were buyers's a tradition that admission is half price on Thursdays. So many of us old geezers love half price.
All RV's had a sign showing the MSRP and then "Special Show Price" which was exactly 20% off.
Sales people didn't seem overly aggressive, as if sales were fine.
We saw a lot of sales folks taking sales orders from customers.

Didn't see anything new that I couldn't live without. Did like Tiffin going all tile inside as standard. Noticed a lot of under counter TV's in galleys. Tons of toy haulers..


RE: Fort Myers RV Show

hey tallyo,, we have an rv show this weekend in Knoxville ,, started yesterday ,, but i won't be able to go till sunday ,, been hit with a bunch of water problems ,, due to the VERY cold temps we are getting here ,,, but gonna make the rv show for sure :approve: ;) ;) ;) :) :) :bleh: :bleh:

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Re: Fort Myers RV Show

The RV show in Grand Rapids was last week. I didn't see anything that impressed me either. Only one salesman took the time to try to sell me on a unit.

Frank, Rod, You guys will like this:
Chucks kind of RV show

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Re: Fort Myers RV Show

That's what's nice about RV shows. The salesmen are too busy to try to sell to the browsers. You can check all of the RVs out without a salesman yakking in your ear.


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Re: Fort Myers RV Show

Mr BC, david liked your RV SHOW, he said that the 7.62mm would settle any problem concerning road rage, NO not to fire just to point, like the storage area, said probaly had great CCC.
take care and God bless