four season 5r's


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Hello to all, need info on 4 season 5r's,plan to start full timing in 05 and will be traveling all over the US staying in one spot for 3 to 6 months at a time, hot and cold weather,need to know what every one thinks is best,2 adults 2 small dogs (10 lbs each) & 1 fat cat, thinking nuwa snow villa +2. Sure would appreciate any advise.Thanks :cool:


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four season 5r's

For your comfort, you will want extensive insulation and thermal (dual) pane glass in the windows. For the trailer's sake, your biggest concern should be a water system which won't freeze. Although a bunch of electric heat tape might be able to provide this, I'm thinking a better solution would be for all tanks, pipes and hoses to be in compartments with vents from the furnace or plugs for ceramic heaters. You will also want to carry some sort of system which will keep at a minimum your water intake line from freezing. Don't know if such is needed for the sewage line. I'm thinking if you use a support system so essentially no liquid can get trapped, it might not be a problem. In this case, leaving the gray tank valve open might not be a good idea.

You will probably want to have an auxillary propane tank and fittings which allow its use with minimal hassle if you should run out of gas at an inconveniant time. Removable built in tanks may be of use too, often its cheaper to take the tanks to a filling station than have someone come to your trailer to fill the tanks.


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four season 5r's

I would suggest looking at Travel Supreme. They have 2 levels of winter packages. One for normal cold stuff the other for spending the winter in Montana.

A lot of rigs state they have winter packages, but some are just normal things like heated holding tanks and valves. There is a huge difference in this and true winter packs.

If normal cold is what you are looking for then just about rig with heated tanks and holding valves will work for you.

Your choice.


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four season 5r's

I live full time in my 30.5 foot,1995 Prowler 5th wheel. I live very comfortable and have never had a problem with cold weather.

I just had my propane tank filled a few minutes ago and It figures out to $1.17 per day for the furnace, water heater and cooking.

Here in northern Nevada the temps for the past month have been in the teens at night and mid to upper 40's during the day. We have had a couple of snow storms also.

The Prowler is the best all around rig I have ever owned and I've owned several over the past 40 or so years.

In my opinion,, unless you live in the extreme northern areas of some canadian border states of America like Minnesota or North Dakota and plan to never leave that area,, I would just buy the RV I want and don't worry about any special package designed for the winter.

You said that you would be traveling all over America and staying here and there for 3 to 6 months. That means variety and fun.

Simply by using a little common sense, you will have no problems.

One thing I would suggest is get a 5th wheel that has at least one SLIDE OUT..
You'll be miserable without it, and the resale/trade in value is MUCH GREATER than a trailer without a slide.

Best wishes on whatever you decide on,