Four Winds 24-26 ft. C class

We are thinking of buying a new Four Winds 24-26 ft. C Class.
Any comments, suggestions, cautions? We have owned a small fifth wheel in the past, but have been out of the RVing mode for 14 years.

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Four Winds 24-26 ft. C class

We bought a 2000' Four Winds 5000 28A 3 yrs ago from 1st owner. Can't say enough good about it. :laugh: We have had zero warranty work needed, it doesn't rattle (honest!)gets 10.1 MPG (Chevy) and handles great. We've been out West in mountains, Upper Michigan, Canada (Lk Superior)and thruout the South; have loved each travel. :cool: :laugh: :approve:
Now, consider getting the 28A over the 24 or 26....for few thou$$$ more, you get a walk around bed in a bedroom. We hear lots of complaints from Class C folks who only have the upper bunk for their main bed...and trust me, the dinette and/or couch will really only sleep 1 adult or 2 little (LITTLE) children. We're in MI and the show price is apprx $47K for the 28A (much better resale also). :laugh:
Happy RVing! :laugh: :)


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Four Winds 24-26 ft. C class

Your best bet if you want to know about those with less than flattering opinions is to vist some of the review sites as experienced posters know that to say anything negitive about any make of RV will get a war started with those who own one and are happy with it.

All that I would say is that the best source of an independant rating of new or used RVs is the ( RV Consumer Group. They are the only organization that rates RVs who do not operate on funds ganined by selling advertising for the RV industry. They also are an excellent source of RV education materials. They can be over harsh at times, but I've never heard them accused of being too easy on any manufacturer.