FREE large screen television

John Harrelson

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There is a big RV sale going on at the Reno, Nevada convention center this week..
AND ….. With every new RV you buy, you get a large screen (as in super large) television for free.

Whats wrong with this picture ??? Has anyone ever seen an RV of any type that had the room for a television that large ?

These televisions are huge !
Four or five feet wide and as much tall..

I’m trying to understand the relationship between an RV and a television that large, that would entice someone to buy an RV..

What am I missing here ?



FREE large screen television

They figure that if you have a big tv :cool: you will stay at home more :blackeye: therefore lowering the amount of time you are on the road ;) and lowering their warranty liability :clown: .

Of course this is just a SWAG :blush: .


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FREE large screen television

If it's a plasma convert your overhead bunk to a swing down big screen. Sell the house! :bleh: