Freightliner air leak

[Jim M] My freightliner leaks down overnight--some have suggested that the bags should stay up for a week. Anyone know what might be going on? Everything else seems fine, good ride, reasonably fast to pump up etc.
Freightliner air leak

[Nettie] We are looking to purchase a freightliner to tow our Travel
Supreme. Any suggestions:
What to look at? Where to look? Do&#039s & don&#039ts? We are in Tx.
and at the thinking stage and need input from freightliner
Freightliner air leak

[Jim M] Nettie: I have mislead you a little bit, my freightliner is a Winnebago motor home! I think you are talking about a Freightliner tractor for pulling a fifth wheel. Just a couple of comments though. It is real comforting that as you drive the four lanes across this country that quite frequently you see a large red, black and white freightliner sign of the side of the interstates. Also, a lot of these places have extended hours. On the negative side, I have been treated like an ugly stepsister of a freightliner by Western Branch Diesel here in Virginia. They are a freightliner dealer, but let me know in no uncertain terms that they were there for the truckers and would only handle my problems on an as available--back burner basis. Good news is that my current freight liner service shop American Freightliner in Manassas Virginia has been great.
Freightliner air leak

[Wayne] Jim, I have a 1999 39Z Bounder with the Freightliner chassis and the Cummins ISB drive and I also have the problem of the system bleeding down overnight.
When you talk to over-the-road truckers they say that it should hold its pressure for at least a week.
We have to wait until everyone in the campground is awake before we start because we have to run so long till the air bags fill.
Freightliner air leak

[Jim M] Wayne: thanks for the comeback. I have since taken it to Freightliner who found 3 leaks. I had one airline leaking in back and both front leveling valves were replaced. I am picking it up today-hopefully. Freightliner confirmed that it should stay up at least a few days. Afterall, there is a lot of stuff, valves, fittings and all manner of mechanisms connected to the system, and air is notoriously hard to hold behind O rings and such. So, no system can be leak free, just leak slow.