Freightliner service

[Jim M] Anyone out there with any comments on how to get good Freight liner service. I&#039ve been warned by two or three people about their service. Seems that they service the big rigs first (that doesn&#039t seem to be unreasonable since these guys need these rigs to make money), but they have been known to carry it to the extreme and I have heard stories of coaches taking weeks and months and the bills are said to be very high since they really don&#039t want to fool with us in the first place? I have had some personal experience with one Freightliner dealer stopping barely short of telling me that he really doesn&#039t want to fool with my machine!
Freightliner service

[gdauth] Jim, I have heard similar stories and one experience wrere I got the distinct impression that I was not welcome. In that case they did not have service bays big enough to accomadate my rig. In three other cases I have had good luck, and recieved good service, once in Richmond VA, once in Great Falls MT, and finally at a Freightliner service center near Detroit MI that specializes in RVs. In the case of the Richmond Dealet, they charged more to work on a RV, but their explaination was reasonable. If you recieve bad service go the FCCC web site via the Freightliner home page, and send a message to FCCC. They want to know about the bad dealers, also if you run across a good one, tell FCCC that also.