frequency of trips

we are very close to purchasing our first travel trailer. our biggest question is, how often will we get to go out? we have 2 weeks in july 1 in august and some week-ends in between. does it make sense to spend this kind of money?? I am willing, my wife has ????

C Nash

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frequency of trips

Hi hhoenig,
There is hardly any way you can justify the cost of rving but can you justify a big bass boat, fancy cars etc. It's just a way of life that most of us enjoy. Great family time together and meet lots of people with same interest. Gives a great sense of freedom and you carry your own bed with you. Not for every one but I would not swap the memories of camping with wife, kids, grand kids and 103 year old mother in law and 89 year old mother for any amount of money. Might want to rent a unit and see if the camping is for you and wife.


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frequency of trips

No, it makes no sense to spend any money on a RV. Since you only have 3 weeks and a couple of weekends (during the hottest time of the year), any RV you buy will end up costing you 1000's of dollars per night, so you would be better off staying in fancy hotels. Don't forget that an RV costs to use (larger gas usage, park rental) and even when you don't use it (storage, depreciation, maintenance and registration/insurance).

What an RV will not do, is limit how much you can use it. Only the person who allows you 3 weeks and a few weekends this year, and no freedom at all in future years, can answer the question of how often you can use a trailer...

Considering you are so constrained, Chelse's rental suggestion is a good one.