Fresh Water/Grey water

Fresh Water/Grey water

Hi Titanic, what RV do you have. On most RV's, right next to connection where you connect a hose for the city water, there is a larger cap. You quarter turn it counter clockwise and it opens so the fresh water tank can be filled. Give us bit more information about your unit.


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Fresh Water/Grey water

Sorry I did give enough info. I have a Fleetwood and I find that showers use an extreme amount of water and I empty my grey water often.I want to put together an inexpensive type of 12v water pump to fill my main tank without always having to drain water into the filler tube by hand.Also I need a way to use less water in the shower.I've tried every thing to no great avail.Thanks

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Fresh Water/Grey water


Yes the typical gray water tank will fill early. Every little bit of water, drink, ice, brushing teeth with water running, etc that goes down any sink drain and all the shower water go to the gray tank. For whatever reasons, mfgs seem to make most tanks nearly the same size.

I assume that you shower head has an on/off valve right on the handle - not the main hot/cold valves on the wall. We use this all the time to keep showers to a minimum. Get wet/water off at the head/soap/water on at the head/rinse.

You and your guests are the only ones that can change the water usage.

Adding fresh water - you can only fill thru the hole as Southstl indicates. There are ways to assist in getting the water into the tank - small 12Volt pumps, syphon hoses, etc but you need access to potable water.

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Fresh Water/Grey water

I am a new RVer and do a fair amount of dry camping, usually near water as I am a trout fisherman. I would like to fill my fresh water tank from the nearby stream. I realize that the water should be filtered. My question is: could I hook up a 12V pump to my water hose, have it attached to a filter near the RV and draw filtered water from the stream into my fresh water tank ?