fresh water tank cleaning


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I just purchased a 1998 Discovery and water from the fresh water tank smells and tastes like the previous owner had winterized it and the tank was filled without draining it first. I tried to drain the tank to empty and refill with fresh waterit but that did not work to remove the smell and taste. Does anyone have any suggestions or know of any products that can get the fresh water tank clean again?

Thanks, Scott.


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fresh water tank cleaning


I clean my fresh water tank and my 2 spare fresh water tanks the same way as I did in my food grade process plant at work. I use 2oz of bleach in a 30 gallon spare tank and then fill it with water. Drain and fill with water 2 more times. :dead: After you drain it the last time, let it air dry without the covers on it over night.

For the onboard tank, mine is 40 gallon, same amount of bleach and fill with water. Run all faucets so lines fill up with mixture. Let stand for an hour or so. Drain tank through faucets. Repeat water rinse 2 more times.

By the way, this is the same basic process you would use to decontaminate a freshly drilled well prior to useing it.

I hope this helps!
Steve :bleh: