Fresh Water Tank Issue

The Holks

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We have a 95 Bounder. To it we've attached a supply hose from city water (we do use a reducer and gauge) to our intake valve. Our fresh water storage tank is filling up automatically and we can't seem to get to stop! We replaced a valve located infront of water pump that when opened, allows water to fill the tank. Any ideas on why this continues to fill and how to resolve it?


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Re: Fresh Water Tank Issue

Some Bounders have a water tank fill valve between the city water inlet and the tank. Check and see if you have one and if you do turn it off. It is usually in a compartment near the tank and is usually labled.


Re: Fresh Water Tank Issue

HMMMMMMM> You could install a check valve in the line from your tank o the pump. About any Ace or other hardware would have them in the plumbing section. :question: