Fresh water tank


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My fresh water (tank) stinks!!!!! I added chlorine, and seemed to help, but after a week... it STINKS!!!!!. Any advice on concentration and frequency of chlorination???

Gary B

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Fresh water tank

Hi rzlincoln, welcome to the forum, how long did you leave the chlorine solution in the tank? Generally you should use about 1 cup of chlorine per 10 gallons of water, if your water tank is a 30 gal. use 3 cups and fill the tank up, run the water pump and run water out of every faucet until you smell chlorine in the water, leave it in overnight at the min. then drain and flush all the lines etc. this should do you for most the summer, I do mine once a year in the spring after storage, when getting ready for the season. By the way what kind of smell are you experiencing? if its a rotten egg type smell in the hot water it maybe your whater heater, if the water heater is a Suburban brand it has/should have an anode rod installed in it and will smell under some surcumstances. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve: ;)