Fridge not getting cold

The fridge part of my refrigerator is not cooling. The freezer & icemaker work great.

It also seems to work better on propane than A/C power if I can keep it lit. (works for 30min to an hour, then goes to "check" mode).

I would like a couple of ideas that I can try before I take it to the shop.


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Re: Fridge not getting cold

It is common for an RV refrigerator to work better when on propane than on electric power because the propane is a larger heat source. The fact that it is going into the check mode would indicate that there is some type of problem in the cooling unit, or it's controls. It would help if we knew the make and model of the refrigerator. You might be wise to try cleaning the burner and flue with a good shop vacume. If you are up to it, you could remove the burner tube and clean it and also carefully clean the oriface with alcohol. Do not use anything metal on the oriface or you will damage it. Since the problem is there with either heat source, it probably is not the burner assembly, but could well be a blockage in the flue.
Re: Fridge not getting cold

Is the flue just the "chimney" - I mean do I just clean out behind the fridge and the top vent real good, or is there something more to this?