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Ive gotten good response from this forum so far and I appreciate it. Now next question, My 3 way fridge doesnt get cold in the fridge part. Maybe only 50 degrees. The freezer will freeze water though. Its a seperate freezer refridgerator type, a Norcold I believe. LP or AC works the same, Freezing freezer and mildly cool fridge. Is in a 89 Winnie Chieftain and is probably the original. What gives ??


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Fridge Question

I've got the same rv and my fridge will cool to around 35-40 degrees normall. When the door is open, it will heat up real quick. Make sure it is not "too full". I noticed on ours, that if we try to put too much stuff in it, it will not cool nearly as well. Don't forget to use the moisture switch just above the bottom door. Make sure the drain hose on the outside vent is correctly installed...either through the floor to underneath MH or out the vent side. Lastly, make sure your roof vent is clear and under fridge is clean. If it will still not cool, but freezes good, I'm not sure ????....Freon???
Good luck (my fridge is not the original fridge.....
Fridge Question

Mike, Archer's right about overfilling the fridge and warming up quickly when the door is opened. I had the same problem, so we don't fill the fridge as much. Also, go to for some good advice.

Fridge Question

Do you get a full frost pattern on the evaporator plates in the refrigerator section? That is, do all the fins frost up evenly or do some get heavy frost and some none at all?
If you have the second case, there is probably a refrigerant leak in the unit. These units don't use Freon or Suva refrigerants, but rather they use ammonia and it can be hard to find anyone who will do a system repair. Given the age of your unit, the cost of a replacement cooling unit (shipped from the factory ready to install), even if it could stiil be had for that model, would be far more than the fridge is worth. The short version is: start looking for another refrigerator.
If it's the first case, check the vents and flue tube for dirt/wasps' nests/other blockages. You could be lucky.
Fridge Question

Thanks for the response. The fins inside the fridge never do get "cold" and there is no frost anywhere. When I first got the rig, I ran the fridge with the RV unlevel. Could that have done something?
Fridge Question

Yes, They don't say KEEP IT LEVEL for nothing. The way a gas refrigerator works involves liquid ammonia and water running back to the boiler assembly by gravity. If the unit is not level, the fluids won't run back and serious internal damage can result.
Some of the newer models are more tolerant of off-level conditions, but the old ones need to be dead-on or in motion, rocking to both sides of level.