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I had to have my fridge worked on a few weeks ago. They had to replace the coils, extended warranty. Trailer was bought new in 2002. It seems to be working occasionally. It would be cooling one day and a few days later it would be around 75 degrees in the fridge section??? I keep it plugged in and went out last friday and the fridge section was about 80 degrees F, the freezer was almost freezing. This was in an empty fridge. The only thing I did was turn off the climate control or condensation switch. It was around 100 degrees in the trailer, we've been having hot weather here in Texas. The weather has cooled off to the 90's and the fridge has been working ever since. Is that climate control or condensation switch like a defrost switch??? I don't know if it's low on coolant, the weather was affecting it or I"ve got a bad switch or a short.
Anyone ever had these problems. Any ideas or solutions??? Is it that switch???
I'm planning a trip in a few weeks and I really don't have much trust in the service dept, where I bought it... Didn't know if it would do any good to take it in while it's working???

Any suggestions???

Thanks, Kevin

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Re: Fridge Question...

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Sounds like heat is your culpret. IF the back of the refer. gets extremly hot, the refer will quit working. At 100 degrees, I suspect that is what is happening. A cooling fan on the back of the unit would help if, in fact, that is your problem.

We had a good laugh a couple of weeks ago. Glad this was not one of our trailers. Customer brought us a trailer saying his refer would not work. Sure enough it would start cooling and then quit, never getting cold. We keep looking at the circuit board, replaced it, same thing. We finally pulled the refer out of its compartment thinking we were going to have to replace the whole thing. As soon as it was out, I looked up and realized there was no roof vent. The manufacture had apparently overlooked it. We set the refer in the floor and it got cold in a matter of hours. We cut a hole in the roof, installed a roof vent and reinstalled the refer. Everything works fine now.

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Re: Fridge Question...

Thanks... It was in the upper 90's today and it's still working well... When it had quit, it had been in the low 80's for a low and in the triple digits for a high, a few days in a row... The sun hits that side of the trailer until about noon, so it wouldn't have cooled off much...