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Hi. We have a 5th wheel parked at a local lake. We have about 8 other close friends that have campers there as well. Our problem is that someone is in our camper when we aren't there. We have since found that there are only about 5 camper keys made. Is there a lock out there that we can change to that is not mass produced for an RV? We don't want to raise a big stink about it...just politely lock them Any info is appreciated. Thanks.

DL Rupper

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Hey Pocahontas, welcome to the forum. You only need to post a question under 1 subject. I don't know the answer to your question, but there are a couple of RV repair folks on the forum that will probably be able to help you. My RV is getting so old that I think the keys have changed so I don't worry about it anymore.
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Welcome Pocahontas.

The best answer is if you have a dead bolt on you lockset, USE IT.

I was told by a dealer that there are many, many combination for the dead bolt, which makes it less likely that anyone will have the same key but only a few for the main lock.

Darlin :cool:
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Hi DL,
Thanks for the clarification. I am new to forums and didn't realize that you only had to post once. eek....Sorry!

I will try to get a repair guy online today. Thank you for your reply and SEMPER FI to you too. My younger brother is a Marine also. Close brotherhood.

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Hi Darling!

I didn't think about the deadbolt because my regualar lock and the bolt are keyed the same. That might be the answer though, maybe I just rekey the bolt. Excellent advise. Thank you!
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Hi Hertig,

That is what I am finding out. Which is actually pretty bad in my opinion. What would stop somebody from pulling out their own key and trying it in any camper in the US that happens to be parked. Ya know? Pretty flawed. We rely on people to be honest but some just aren't I guess. Such is the way of the world huh?



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Yes, it is annoying. If I had kept my trailer, I probably would have replaced the locks on the compartments (at least the door locks had SOME variations). On the motor home, they use a different type of compartment lock which the manufacturer allegedly scrolled through 10 different keys. Of course, the latches are just plastic, but at least people have to 'break in' to get in. Lots of keys for the entry door, in fact the 2 locks are different from each other which is a pain but more secure.