frig problems


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Just bought a 86 Toyota Escaper with a 2400 Dometic Frig.
The frig works off of gas or electric, and was working
with electric when I bought it, now its not. I see the
light ignite when I try to start it using gas, but its
not staying on. Any suggestions? I tried to take off the
front panel to see if gas is getting thru, but its a
metal plate and it looks like I have to take the whole
frig out and get to it from underneath. It appears to
me I have 2 problems, no gas and that would not effect
the electric. I will listen to any and all suggestions
and will pursue all avenues, Thank you!

Gary B

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frig problems

Hi go to the back side of the refer/outside vent and check and clean the burner area, there may be just on the burner or a spider or debre in the gas tube/ orfice. In the front of the refer at the controls make sure the controls are set for gas and on for Lp operation or set to electric of electric operation. Here is an excellent site to get some information Good luck and welcome to the forum. :) :laugh: :bleh: :approve:


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frig problems

Had a frig problem similar to yours about a year ago while I was spending the winter in the sunny South.
Frig would not work on AC (has an automatic push button switch on front of frig that says "auto", which will look for AC first and if it does not find it, it will automatically go to gas/LP). I agree with Gary's post on cleaning tubes, etc. for LP problem. Regarding the electric (AC), FIRST make sure your plugged into shore power or generator (if ya got one) is running and switch on front of frig says AC or electric. If it won't run on AC make sure your getting power to the plug in behind the frig (the area Gary to you to look at for LP)...there should be a regular outlet that the frig is plugged into for AC (off shore power or generator). The problem I had was the outlet went bad (probably corrosion). When I replaced the outlet (after a new mother board and labor from a "professional" (+$300.00), it worked just fine and has been working ever since then.
Just a thought. Make sure ya got power going to it!! If ya do, you may have a mother/smart board that is bad or going bad if it is automatic type. If it is the outlet...replace it or do it yourself, don't hire a "professional" like I did. Lesson learned, I guess. I do have a spare mother board (the old one was not the problem) is the only good thing that came out of it.
Good luck ;) :)


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frig problems


My Dometic would not work with propane nor electric. Lot of head scratching, checked everything. So last I figured that RV should be stand alone and an enclosed working system. So I unplugged it from external power. Now DC lighting, the Ac to DC converter was not powering the dead batteries with enough voltage except to run the lighting.

I found that the frig will not operate when the voltage drops below 8.8 volts, reasons I found in the confusing manual is that it is a safty default for the propane shutoff and that the low voltage is not enough for the frig electronics.

What shape are your batteries in?

Good Luck
Eddie Carey