From Colorado to Tampa this winter - suggestions?

We'll be driving down to Tampa this winter in our new class B - probably take the southern route to get out of winter ASAP. Suggestions for nice campgrounds, people, sites on the way down - we'll take it leisurely once we can get warm, like southern Texas.
Re: From Colorado to Tampa this winter - suggestions?

Well you won't have any trouble gettin' warm in "southern" Texas! ;)

It isn't south Texas, but we like the route that includes I-25 south to Raton Pass, then southeast to Amarillo on US-64, then southeast through Wichita Falls. There's a neat geological feature (I think its a defunct volcano) around Des Moines on US-64.

Now while you're in the Amarillo area, you should stop at Cal Farley's boy/girl home on the way and go by the canyons next biggest in size to the Grand Canyon; Palo Duro Canyon. (And if you're into BIG steaks, they have that there, too.) There's two good RV parks in Amarillo.

We end up heading southeast to around Houston, but you might want to keep going east from Wichita Falls into Texarkana and drop on down to Shreveport to visit the casinos there and hook up with I-49.

Now, when you head south out of Shreveport on I-49 you'll be headed for I-10 near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but don't forget to pull off at the small town of Nachitoches (pronounced: nack-a-tish). It is especially decorated for the Christmas season and has many small shops centrally located. (Do I need to say, "Bring your wallet?")

OK, if you went east on I-20 from Shreveport you would go through the old Civil War town of Vicksburg. There's a great museum and cemetery tour. Further on east and you're in Jackson Mississippi where you can pick up I-55 south and run on into I-12 and east to I-10 on the north side of New Orleans.

Its just nice country all the way.


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Re: From Colorado to Tampa this winter - suggestions?

Or if you continue down I-25 to 1-10, there is a nice park just past El Paso. Passport America member, so it can be reasonably priced, WIFI and heated indoor pool.


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Re: From Colorado to Tampa this winter - suggestions?

yes, an arrows flight from the I-10 freeway, but takes several turns to get there. Mission RV Park, about 20 miles east of downtown.

A bit out of the way, but another nice park (Passport America too) is Hidden Valley Resort, Tijeras NM (just off I40, about 18 miles east of I25 through Albuquerque)
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Alright guy's I am going to dis my original home state. :bleh: If you have not driven I-10 from the Texas line to the Mississipp line you have never had a back and but ache. :blackeye: This section of I-10 is terrible. We have nick named it the yeeha highway.

I would suggest hanging I-20 through jacjson Mississippi then turning South on I-59. When you hit the state line of Louisiana you will only have a 12 mile ride on the yeeha highway before you catch a good section of I-10 going into Mississippi.
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Poppa is right. That's why I suggested the more northern route.

I had a report today that except for a short strip west of Orange to around Vidor, the I-10 construction west of Lake Charles, Louisiana has been completed. It is 3 lanes wide on both sides! YeeeeeHaaaaa!

Also, I was told that the old high bridge in Lake Charles (the one with the crossed six-guns down the railing) will soon be taken down and replaced with a lower one. I'm guessing that since the I-35 bridge disaster in Minnesota the Feds are handing out our money for bridge rebuilding.

You can still get around Lake Charles on its very nice loop, but one of their casinos is on the wrong side of the bridge for us Texas folks!


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RE: From Colorado to Tampa this winter - suggestions?

a great park in Mission Texas is Trade Winds RV parks, which is really the western section of a park called Mission Bell. The people are really friendly and they have a lot of entertainment in this huge recreation and dance hall. this thing is bigger than a high school gymnasium. The prices at this parks are really reasonable. Much cheaper than Florida and Arizona and other parks in the area for all they give you. They have a couple of heated swimming pools and jacuzzis, laundry rooms and the managers are really nice too. We have stayed there several times and find it a great value for the money. They even have free long distance calls you can make and wifi. The sites on the Trade Winds section are larger so we liked it there. All the sites have concrete patios. We had a great time there. I hope you have a safe trip.