Front disc brakes on motorhome


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Hi i need some help i just changed the caliper and rotor on my 1993 four winds 5000 motorhome class a and the caliper on the left side won't release, bleed the front brakes has new pads checked fluid level its ok unless the master cylinder is bad i can't figure it out. Does anyone have any suggestions? Its a p-30 chevy chassis front disc rear drum. Thanks for any help

C Nash

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Front disc brakes on motorhome

popatop881, check the rubber brake line on the sticking caliper. I have seen them seperate inside and would allow fluid to pass through but not return. Kind of like a one way valve. Had one doing that and cut the hose open and found a piece had seperated and would flap down and close causing the caliper to stick because it still had pressure. Just a thought